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“Sylvia Rivera kicking ass on stage after some radfems & transphobes tried to refuse her the right to speak at the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day rally. Said radfems then had their own march in part protesting trans participation in Pride. A precursor to today’s Dyke March.”

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It is women like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson who started the Stonewall riots and queer liberation. 43 years later, trans women of color, the people who started the movement, are the people maligned and left behind by it.

In Sylvia’s words, “What the FUCK is wrong with you all?”

[[Trigger warning: suicide]]

Sylvia went home that night and attempted suicide. 

Marsha Johnson came home and found her in time to save her life.

Sylvia left the movement after that day and didn’t come back for twenty years.

this is incredible, she is incredible, I highly recommend watching it

but I think the addendum re: the effect of this day on sylvia is really important

so often we valorise decontextualised moments of tough, articulate resistance and rage

and the suffering of the people who embodied them is not acknowledged, it’s uncomfortable, it’s not inspiring, we want them to stay tough and cool and stylish forever

which is particularly terrible when I think about how sylvia felt like that because of women like me — women who are now watching this video and feeling inspired and impressed and maybe a bit pleased with ourselves for finally having watched a speech by the famous and really cool to name-drop sylvia rivera

rebloggin for the true as fuck commentary (bolding mine)

n like, on one hand this moment is decontextualized as fuck, but on the other hand a lot of ppl try to hyper-contextualize it to make it “history” and a very specific historical moment, so we (cis women) can be like “oh so sad that’s how it was in the 1970s, radfems were so awful, but it was only the whole second-wave scene that was the problem, glad that’s over.”

Like have we forgotten the fact that Sylvia only died in 2002? And she died young, if she were still alive she wouldn’t even be 65 yet. I know hella older ppl in NYC who knew her personally, and hella “leaders” of the NYC queer scene pulled horrific shit on her constantly in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, like literally until the day she died (ppl from Empire State Pride agenda literally went to St. Vincents to beef with her on her death bed) Where are the video tapes/memorializing of that shit?

N now the Manhattan LGBT center on 13th st has a room dedicated to her memory, despite the fact that very center permanently banned her in 1995 for daring to suggest they should let homeless QTPOC sleep there in sub-zero weather.

N now there’s a whole homeless trans youth shelter on 36th st named after her, Sylvia’s Place, that kicked my TWOC friend out on the streets for testing positive for marijuana; failing to recognize how fucked up that is in a shelter named after a woman who struggled with addiction all her life, and was very vocal about the relationship between drug use and the stress of living under constant threats of violence.

N from the late 90s onward rich gays and lesbians openly fought against Sylvia to try to shut down 24/7 access to the piers that she n hella other QTPOC cruised and lived on bc they were bringing down the property values of their multi-million west village apartments.

N like 90% of the individual people who perpetuated fucked up violence against Sylvia are still alive and high-profile leaders in the NYC LGBT “community” today.

So like yes, good, remember the oppressive weight of our history of transmisogyny…but also remember that this shit specifically ain’t even history, it’s the current reality of the NYC queer/trans hierarchy today—like not even figuratively, literally the same people who pulled shit like this on Sylvia are still alive n well n all over NYC cutting the ribbons to the newest Sylvia Rivera memorial n eulogizing her like they never tried to fucking kill her themselves.

Incredible commentary all over this post

i know i reblogged this before, but check out all this on point commentary 

important historical knowledge. 


Everyone do some homework on Sylvia Rivera. Fuck the assimilationists who try to erase her.

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Sheezus (2014) | Lily Allen 

Finally a song about all the stupid fan wars and comparisons of female pop artists. Just fucking crown it.

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I’m using a hot ass cucumber

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Denice Frohman - “Dear Straight People” 

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Sweet Treats For the Kids

OHMYFUCKINGGAWD I am way to high to be watching this shit! Bruh!

"No this ain’t prison food muthafucka"

Yo there has to be more I need another one!

This shit had me dying, cause she got her hair wrapped & cursing people out lmao this Black auntie aesthetics 101

something sweet for the fucking kids!

" This a punkass cinnamon roll"

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"How Not To React When Your Son Is Gay"

My heart breaks while watching this video. If you’re reading this and need support, please contact The Trevor Project. They are the leading national organization for crisis & suicide prevention - they are there to talk, 24/7 - confidential and free.

this made me sick to my stomach

every straight person needs to watch this video

this is fucking disgusting

The comments on the YouTube video itself make me just as sick as the video itself.

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What High school looks like in commercials by Childish Brandino


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October 1, 2014

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omfg today a girl at school told me i was wearing the same outfit i wore yesterday




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October 1, 2014

"yeah today i had to shovel dildos off the ice"


"yeah today i had to shovel dildos off the ice"

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October 1, 2014
"After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."

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omg is this for reals?! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She don’t love herself

October 1, 2014


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oh the nineties

i know right that dress is terrible

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October 1, 2014

tis the season


tis the season

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